Betty Rice Award -CLOSED

The Betty Rice Award is now closed.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Welcome to the 2020 Canadian Lung Cancer Conference in Vancouver. There have been exciting advances in the treatment, diagnosis & staging of lung cancer. The meeting continues to have a multi-disciplinary focus to meet the needs of a wide variety of professionals.

Topics appealing to Medical Oncology, Respiratory Medicine, Radiation Oncology and Thoracic Surgery as well as Oncology Nursing will be presented. Our guest speakers will provide a wealth of expertise and knowledge to optimize the treatment of lung cancer patients.

We hope you will join us for this very informative and timely meeting.

Yours truly,
Conference Chairs:
Dr. Barb Melosky, Dr. Cheryl Ho , Dr. Randeep Sangha

Objectives and Goals

• To improve the care of patients with lung cancer.
• To review new approaches to the treatment of NSCLC.
• To discuss the role of radiation oncology in the management of NSCLC.
• To update surgical options in NSCLC therapy.

Executive Committee:

Dr. Barb Melosky
Dr. Cheryl Ho
Dr. Randeep Sangha
Planning Committee:
Dr. Shantanu Banerji
Dr. Gwyn Bebb
Dr. Ron Burkes
Dr. Charles Butts
Dr. Martin Chasen
Dr. Parneet Cheema
Dr. Peter Ellis
Ms. Shannon Farley
Dr. Vera Hirsh
Dr. Diana Ionescu
Dr. Stephen Lam
Dr. Natasha Leighl
Ms. Bonnie Leung
Ms. Leslie Markin
Dr. Devin Schellenberg
Dr. Anand Swaminath
Dr. John Yee
Ms. Kelly Zibrik

TLC  |  Training in Lung Cancer, Resident & Fellows’ Program
Registration Closed

Thursday, February 6, 2020
Fairmont Pacific Rim, Emerald Room

Please note: Once you have applied for TLC your name will be submitted to the TLC Chairs for consideration. TLC Chairs, Dr. Schellenberg and Dr. Sangha, will confirm accepted candidates by mid-December. After receiving participation approval you will be requested to register for the Canadian Lung Cancer Conference

Fairmont Pacific Rim